The Best Golf Cart Batteries: Lithium vs. Lead Acid

Posted November 12, 2019

The golf cart market is evolving as more and more people are taking advantage of their versatile performance. For decades, deep-cycle flooded lead-acid batteries have been the most cost effective means to power electric golf cars. With the rise of lithium batteries in many high-power applications, many are now looking into the advantages of LiFePO4 batteries in their golf cart.

While any golf cart will help you get around the course or neighborhood, you need to make sure it has enough power for the job. This is where lithium golf cart batteries come into play. They're challenging the lead-acid battery market due to their many benefits that make them easier to maintain and more cost-effective in the long run.

Below is our breakdown of the advantages of lithium golf cart batteries over lead-acid counterparts.

Carrying Capacity

Equipping a lithium battery into a golf cart enables the cart to significantly increase its weight-to-performance ratio. Lithium golf cart batteries are half the weight of a traditional lead-acid battery, which shaves off two-thirds of the battery weight a golf cart would normally operate with. The lighter weight means the golf cart can reach higher speeds with less effort and carry more weight without feeling sluggish to the occupants.

The weight-to-performance ratio difference lets the lithium-powered cart carry an additional two average-sized adults and their equipment before reaching carrying capacity. Because lithium batteries maintain the same voltage outputs regardless of the battery’s charge, the cart continues to perform after its lead-acid counterpart has fallen behind the pack. In comparison, lead acid and Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries lose voltage output and performance after 70-75 percent of the rated battery capacity is used, which negatively affects carrying capacity and compounds the issue as the day wears on.

No Maintenance

One of the major benefits of lithium batteries is that they require no maintenance whatsoever, whereas lead-acid batteries regularly need to be checked and maintained. This ultimately results in saved man hours and the extra costs of maintenance tools and products. The lack of lead-acid means that chemical spills are avoided and the chance of downtime on your golf car is drastically reduced.

Battery Charging Speed

Regardless if you’re using a lead-acid battery or a lithium battery, any electric car or golf cart faces the same flaw: they have to be charged. Charging takes time, and unless you happen to have a second cart at your disposal, that time can put you out of the game for a while. A good golf cart needs to maintain consistent power and speed on any course terrain. Lithium batteries can manage this without a problem, but a lead-acid battery will slow the cart down as its voltage dips. Plus after the charge has dissipated, it takes an average lead-acid battery roughly eight hours to recharge back to full. Whereas, lithium batteries can be recharged up to 80 percent capacity in about an hour, and reach full charge in less than three hours.

Plus, partially-charged lead-acid batteries sustain sulfation damage, which results in significantly reduced life. On the other hand, lithium batteries have no adverse reaction to being less than fully charged, so it's okay to give the golf cart a pit-stop charge during lunch.


Lithium batteries put less strain on the environment. They take significantly less time to fully charge, resulting in using less energy. They do not contain hazardous material, whereas lead-acid batteries, as the name suggests, contain lead which is harmful to the environment.

Battery Cycle Life

Lithium batteries last significantly longer than lead-acid batteries because the lithium chemistry increases the number of charge cycles. An average lithium battery can cycle between 2,000 and 5,000 times; whereas, an average lead-acid battery can last roughly 500 to 1,000 cycles. Although lithium batteries have a high upfront cost, compared to frequent lead-acid battery replacements, a lithium battery pays for itself over its lifetime. Not only does the investment in a lithium battery pay for itself over time, but big savings can be made in the way of reduced energy bills, maintenance costs, and possible repairs that would otherwise need to be made to heavy lead-acid golf cars. They also just perform better overall!

Are Lithium Golf Cart Batteries Compatible?

Golf carts designed for lead-acid batteries can see a significant performance boost by swapping the lead-acid battery to a lithium battery. However, this second wind can come at an instillation cost. Many lead-acid equipped golf carts need a retro-fit kit to operate with a lithium battery, and if the cart manufacturer doesn’t have a kit, then the cart will need modifications to operate with a lithium battery.

With RELiON's InSight 48V Golf Cart Battery, this isn't a concern as they're designed specifically to fit your golf cart. InSight batteries require no tray modifications, no retrofit kits and no complicated connections, making installing lithium batteries easier than ever before!

If you're interested in switching you golf cart to a lithium battery, consider buying our InSight 48V lithium battery. It's the only lithium golf cart battery designed specifically to meet the power and energy needs of all types of golf carts. It's a drop-in ready replacement that is quality from the inside out. Designed to fit and engineered to perform, the InSight battery is the best lithium option for golf carts today.



  • Johnny Martinez


  • Ray Shackleton

    Hi, I'm located in Queensland, Australia and have a 2013, 48v lead acid Club Car.
    What would the cost of replacement Li ion batteries be, including the appropriate charger and as well, the shipping cost to QLD., 4217?
    Thank you,

  • Don Fels

    I have a 2007 EXGO TXT golf cart 36 volt. Can I replace the acid batteries with Li batteries? What would I need and what is the cost?

  • Jerry Bonner

    Have a 2012 EZgo 48 v golf cart. Can this be converted.. what is the cost?

  • Jim Owen

    Have a 48v STAR cart. What would be the cost to convert to Lithium. I live in Florida

  • Michael Havemann

    I have a ezgo rxv 09. How much would it cost and what all do o have to do to it. And do I have to change my change

  • Carl Heitschel

    I have an EZGO rxv 2010 48 volt. What AMP HR battery will I need?

  • William Klocke

    my cart is a 2016 EZGO RXV. It has US Batteries, 6 - 8 Volt. What does it take to convert to lithium. My daily use would be less than 25 miles

  • Ronald Richardson

    I have a 48V Club Car President, what will I need cover it to Lithium? Is this an option on my cart?

  • Barry Wood

    can you mix deep cell and lithium batteries, if so can I use the same charger or does lithium batteries use a differnt charger

  • Jason Hand

    I have a 2010 EZGO 48 Volt TXT. I would like to know what my options are for a lithium battery system. Feel free to contact me by email. Thanks for your time and efforts.

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  • Danny Byrum

    Price of 4 12 volt golf cart batteries for 2000 Yamaha cart it is now 6 x8. 48 volt Thks

  • RELiON

    @Danny - take a look at our InSight 48V battery. You can buy on our website as well.

  • Greg Wright

    I have a 2007 Yamaha YRDE 48v stock motor, controller and solenoid cart. Is your 48v 30AH battery going to have enough power for 18 holes (10 miles and hilly terrain on the back nine) or would I need 2 parallel batteries?
    Could I use my existing 48v lead acid battery charger or do I need a Lithium charger?

  • Bob Landrum

    I have my new Relion Batteries but there were no installation diagrams or detailed instruction. a good picture of these batteries in my 2006 club car presidence golf cart would help. there us a little black wire with each battery, whats it for and where does it go. Is there a phone number I can call for installation help?

  • Harrison Bailey

    I have a 36v ezgo txt golf cart. .what is needed to switch to litium batteries

  • Peter Giammaria

    I have a 2002 GEM(Global Electric Motorcar) with 6-12V Deep Cycle batteries. Are these compatible with my system and charger or would I have to make changes?

  • Terry DeMars

    I have a 2015 EZGo 2-5 with 6 8 volt flood batteries. Can I replace with your lithium batteries without any conversions?

  • RELiON

    @Terry - yes, you can replace your current batteries with our InSight batteries without any conversions. They are a GC2 size battery so you do not need to modify the tray and can use existing hold-downs.

  • RELiON

    @Peter - How are your batteries connected? Are you looking at our Insight Series batteries or our other line? Insight is a 48V system, as such, it will not be compatible. Our other line of 12V batteries can be connected in series for a 72V string, but the continuous amp rating would likely be too low for your GEM.

  • Gina O'Connell

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  • Mike

    I live in Florida where summer temperatures can be mid 90s for weeks at a time and garage temps even higher.
    I read that max temperature for lithium batteries is only 85 F. Is this true?

  • Tevita

    I have a 48v 2015 EZGO How much to get one lithium battery that suit my cart ?

  • Brian Walker

    I inherited a 1999 Yamaha Ultima 48 volt G19E golf cart with 6x8 volt lead acid batteries that are dead. Cart was working well when the owner stopped using last spring. Is this a good candidate for Li-ion conversion? Will l use my existing charger or require a new/different one for use with Li-ion batteries? I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. Thank you.

  • RELiON

    Yes, Insight should work despite your older model cart. You will need (2) Insight batteries. Your existing charger may or may not work. Domestically, we are including a FREE charger with the purchase of (2) or more batteries online. A third would serve you well in a cart of that age, but two should operate it effectively given recent testing. That said, the controller, motor and other internals are likely somewhat dated and less efficient. Contact Brad Green with any other questions or if you decide to move forward with ordering, 404.915.3015,

  • Jeffrey Schneider

    I have heard that 3 12v Lithium batteries can replace 6v deep cycle lead acid batteries in a 75 Vanguard Citicar, is that correct?

  • Benny

    Can you run an ezgo 48v cart off of one 48v insight battery?

  • Mike

    My cart is stored in a boat storage building in central Texas where summer temperatures outside can be 102F inside 120F or more. Are these conditions detrimental to a lithium battery.

  • Malcolm Lindsley

    I have a golf buggy with lithium batteries should it loose battery % if not used

  • Kyle Helms

    I have a 2017 easy girl 48 V batteries I would like to change to lithium how many batteries and what is the cost of a replacement equivalent to go to lithium?

  • Harrison Smiddy

    I have a Yamaha Drive 2 golf cart (gas powered with AGM battery). I dropped in the RB75 to help extend runtime of radio/lights/etc while the gas engine is not running. The voltage coming out of the starter/generator is to high for the LiFePO4 battery. Do you have a recommendation for some sort of "voltage reducing kit" that can go inline between the starter/generator and the battery. There are no older style voltage regulators on this cart that can be swapped out.

  • Ron Clem


  • Earnest Traylor

    I have a 2010 EZGO 48V cart. How many of your batteries are required to produce the required amperage?. Are the hold down and cable requirements different? What's the battery cost?

  • RELiON Battery

    In most cases, our (Two Battery bundle) is the starting point for golf cart owners. This bundle is $2,595.00. We will ship (spacer) batteries that when combined with the (live) batteries will give you the same footprint of your existing setup (if using 6x8V batteries). If that is the case, the same cabling and hold-downs will work.

  • Frank

    Retailer in EU. Tks.

  • Gavin Williams

    Hi, I'm located in Queensland, Australia and have a 2013, 48v lead acid G29 Yamaha Golf Cart.
    What would the cost of replacement Li ion batteries be, including the appropriate charger (if I cant use my current charger) and as well, the shipping cost to QLD., 4508?
    Thank you,

  • Walter Patrick

    I have a 48 volt 2013 Club Car Precedent that has six 8 volt batteries. How many lithium ion batteries would I need to buy to replace my current six lead acid batteries. Also, would I need a different charger than I currently have?

  • Greg Brannan

    I have a 2010 Yamaha G29 48 volt cart 6 8volt batteries. I have a lift kit, plum quick street riot motor, 440amp booster. I would like more running time. My trips are 2 miles or more and I have a big hill to climb going home. What is your battery recombination?

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  • RELiON Battery

    Hi Gavin! Thanks for your question. Sorry for the late reply here, our apologies. If you are still interested, we would direct you to our Australian distributor, R&J Batteries.

    You can email Isaac directly, Isaac Bailey,

  • RELiON Battery

    Hi Walter. Thanks for your question. Sorry for the late reply here, our apologies. If you are still interested, we can assist you now. We would start with our two battery bundle.

    The bundle would include an approved charger. See details below.

  • RELiON Battery

    Thanks for your question. Sorry for the late reply here, our apologies. If you are still interested, we can assist you now. We would start with our two battery bundle.

    The bundle would include an approved charger. See details below.

    This bundle would easily work with your range, no question. The problem could be with your upgrades and the climbing. If so, we could add a third and/or fourth battery for $700.00 each.

  • Wesley Rich

    I have a 48 volt Bad Boy buggy, what do I need to convert it and how much?

  • RELiON Battery

    For your Bad Boy Buggie, we have our Insight Golf Cart battery (48V30Ah).

    For most golf carts (EZGO, Yamaha, Club Car), standard from the factory, a two battery bundle, $2,595.00 is the recommendation.

    This includes the batteries, spacers and an approved charger. With the Bad Boy, however, we see an additional need for another battery or two for range and performance.

    In those cases, a three or four battery bundle is seen more often ($3,295.00 or $3,995.00).

    If you need more information, reach out to Brad Green at 404.915.3015 or at Thanks!

  • Michael Lee

    I have a 2014 Ezgo lead acid 48 volt golf cart. If I replace the 8 volt lead acid batteries with one 48 volt lithium battery, do I need a different charger

  • Salvatore Cottone

    we have a 115 cart fkeat if E Z GO what would a complete replacement cost. Is there a savings on electric

  • Bob Thomas

    I have a 2006 Lido NEV. It is sometimes referred to as a Western (model Lido). It is a 48VDC system that currently uses 8 - 6VDC Trojan T-105 lead acid batteries. It has an onboard charger. What would it cost to convert to Lithium. I live in Florida 32163.