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Our passion for quality, innovation, and changing the lithium battery market is a mission that starts at the top and permeates everything we do. Through hard work and humility, talented teams trained to the highest industry standards, and genuine care and concern for our partners, we know RELiON can help drive your business forward.

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When you partner with RELiON, you can expect more than just reliable batteries. You and your business will benefit from the whole package. Find out how we can serve businesses like yours.

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We’ve been in the battery business over 25 years and have learned how to build on success. Partner with RELiON and we’ll work closely with you to build on yours. Not just by supplying batteries, but also with unmatched service, training and on-going support. Our product is batteries, but our business is relationships and helping yours succeed.

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Golf Cart Dealers

Our Golf Cart Dealer program offers advantages you won't find from other lithium battery companies. To start, our InSight golf cart lithium battery is one-of-a-kind. Not only is it an easy drop-in replacement, but overall a more intelligent battery providing users performance like never before. By joining our program, you'll have access to RELiON’s vast team of engineers, sales, marketing, and customer service personnel located across the USA, with unmatched expertise and over 140 years of combined experience. In addition, we're offering limited-time introductory pricing that includes flexible packages and special incentives.

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Marine Dealers

RELiON has one of the largest lithium product offerings available with 12V, 24V, and 48V batteries that power a range of equipment from smaller electric kayaks to large sailboats and catamarans. No matter your business type, we have the batteries to fit your business needs. Built to last, designed to perform, premium RELiON lithium batteries deliver unsurpassed performance on the water. Join our dealer program and start offering your customers the best lithium battery from a well-known, reliable brand like RELiON.

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RV Dealers & Installers

More and more consumers today are deciding that lithium batteries are worth the cost to upgrade because they enable them to live much more independent and adventurous lifestyles, free of unnecessary constraints. RV owners are motivated to get lithium batteries due to the significantly longer battery lifespan and their ability to be discharged to almost 100%. Lithium batteries also weigh far less and take up much less vehicle space. Stay competitive by offering a reliable lithium solution in your RV dealer business or upgrade packages. Join our RV Dealer & Installer program and let lithium batteries be a huge driver for your business.

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Blue Battery. Blue Sky. Blue Ocean.

Limitless Blue is our long-term mission to reduce our impact on the planet and use our business for a force of good in everything we do. We, along with our customers, live and breathe adventure and relish the opportunities that our planet provides. Our motto, Challenge Your Limits, reflects our philosophy to push yourself to greatness. Partner with us and become part of a global movement making a positive impact on our environment.

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