Tech Tuesday | Lithium Battery Cold Temperature Performance

Posted April 14, 2020

When it comes to battery operation, how they perform in cold weather must be taken into account as it can be harmful to the lifespan of your battery. In this Tech Tuesday, we look at how lithium batteries perform in cold temperatures - in comparison to lead-acid – and how RELiON solved some of the limitations that come with cold temperature charging.

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Hi, I’m Simon. Today we’re looking at how LiFePO4 batteries perform in cold temperatures. Cold temperatures must be taken into account for any battery owner as they can be harmful to the well-being of a battery. With standard lead-acid batteries the cold can seriously degrade the health and longevity of the unit.Temperatures below the 32°F mark will reduce both efficiency and usable capacity of lead-acidnoticeably, providing 70-80% of its rated capacity at 32°F whereas lithium batteries can operatewith very little loss providing 95-98% of its capacity at 32°F.Even at 14°F lithium batteries will provide 80% of its rated capacity.Typically, the more you pull from a lead-acid battery in cold temperatures the weaker it will become. Lithium batteries will begin to warm when you use them.This will lower the battery's resistance and increase its voltage, allowing you to run your equipment. As well as this, charging in cold weather calls for a different protocol and is crucial when you want to make your investment last. Nearly every battery requires a more involved charging process when the temperature begins to drop. Lead-acid has a tighter range of suitable charging conditions when compared to lithium. Both, however, need to be within their temperature range and must be charged at a slower than normal rate. When charging lithium iron phosphate batteries below 32°F, the charge current must be reduced to 0.1C and below 14°F it must be reduced to 0.05C. Failure to do so can cause irreversible damage to your battery. At RELiON we set out to solve this inherent problem and developed the LT series of batteries. The LT series is specifically designed to excel in cold weather environments.The LT series heat the battery before commencing charge. With charging capabilities at temperatures as low as -4°F the LT series offers serious solutions to serious problems. When looking to upgrade or overcome your battery troubles lithium is the clear winner when it comes to cold weather.That’s all for today. Thanks for watching.