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The InSight Series Remote Button gives you the convenience to power on and off your InSight Series batteries without having to access the battery compartment. This high-quality plug-and-play accessory saves you time and energy.


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InSight bundles make it easy to determine what you need to switch to lithium in your battery-powered golf cart. The Two, Three, and Four Battery Bundle includes InSight 48V batteries, spacer batteries to fill the empty battery slots, a RELiON approved charger, the InSight Series Fuel Gauge, and the NEW InSight Remote Button.

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How to Install the InSight Series Remote Button

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InSight Series Remote Button Installation Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the remote button work with any InSight battery?
You must have at least one remote-capable battery in your bank. For 24V these were all batteries manufactured after 12/23/2020 and for 48V these were all batteries manufactured after 3/14/2021. Your production date can be found in your battery serial number.