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The lightweight, sturdy design of the Gypsy 20 makes it a perfect on-the-go power source solution. With a built-in solar panel, wireless charging, mighty bright flashlight and two USB ports, this versatile solar power bank with 20000mAh, keeps you prepared and your devices accessible at any time.


Gene Shaw

The Gypsy Solar powered pack is awesome, I take this on my bass boat and lay it in the sun during my tournaments, it keeps my phone charged all day long. This is a must on the water in case of breakdowns or accidents. On the water or off, for $49 this is a no brainer to guarantee you have power when you need it.




External dimensions 7.1in (179.6mm) x 3.7in(93.8mm) x 1.2in (30.6mm)
Rated capacity 20000 mAh
USB Micro 5V:::3A
Type-C 5V::: 3A 9V:::2A 12V:::1.5A
Output USB-A 5V::: 3A 9V:::2A 12V:::1.5A
Wireless output 10W

Rugged & Durable

When unpredictable weather and unexplainable mishaps arise, the sturdy design of the Gypsy will be able to withstand whatever happens. With covered ports for extra protection, the Gypsy 20 is a solar power bank that helps you stay connected while still remaining "unplugged." With the ability to charge tablets, wearables, phones and other smaller electronics, it's a power source that you can take anywhere.

Lightweight & Handy

Do you like to hike, camp or simply take your work outdoors? Our Gypsy 20 features lithium technology with wireless charging and is equipped with solar panels and the appropriate cables you need to charge your devices wherever you go. Two USB output terminals, one Type-C and one Micro USB, means you can charge two devices at the same time!

The Gypsy 20 Can Wirelessly Charge:

Apple iPhone

8 Charges

Samsung Note

5 Charges


2-2.5 Charges

GoPro Hero

17 Charges

Wireless Earbuds

223 Charges

Wireless Headphones

36 Charges

User Manual

Come See The Gypsy 20

Find Power In Every Adventure

Product Diagram

1. Solar Panel

2. LED Light

3. One High Brightness LED hand light

4. Type-C OutPut Input

5. USB 1 Outlet

6. Waterproof Plug

7. Type-C OutPut Input

8. USB2 OutPut Port

9. Lanyard Clip

10. Parameters of the Power Supply

11. Wireless Charging Indicator

12. On/Off Key

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I charge with the Gypsy?
The Gypsy can charge wirelessly capable devices or through USB connections. See the list above.
Can I use the Gypsy to charge my laptop?
No, the Gypsy’s max output is 18W. MacBooks and PC laptops require at least 60W.
How do I use the Gypsy to charge my device?
Connect the Gypsy to your device with the provided data cable, it will start charging your device automatically. When no device is connected, the Solar Power Bank will turn off automatically after 60 seconds.
Is it better to use the wireless charging feature or the plug?
The plug is the most efficient way to charge your device. The USB-A and USB-C ports max at 18W (quick charge) and the wireless charger operate at 10W.
Can I charge multiple devices at the same time?
Yes, you can charge multiple devices at the same time.
How do the solar panels work?
During solar charging, the solar LED indicator light is pure green. When it is full, it will turn blue. Prolonged exposure to the hot sun may cause damage to solar panels. Solar panels are designed for opportunity charging and should not be the main source of charging for mobile power. The effectiveness of the solar charging panels is dependent upon many factors including, but not limited to: • Available light • Condition of solar panels • Age and health of battery cells
Can I use the solar panel as the Gypsy’s sole charging source?
No, the solar panel on the Gypsy is 350ma and is only intended to offset usage when the opportunity presents itself while you’re out and about.