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By Constantly Improving Today’s Technologies, We’re Better Able to Discover Tomorrow’s.

The world is interconnected. Energy storage technologies should be, too.

As complicated as engineering can be, it’s really about creating practical solutions that solve problems. Our world-class engineers have deep technical knowledge and apply it to today’s incredible opportunity to lead the booming global market for interconnected energy storage technologies—from electric vehicles to off-grid power.


Unparalleled Expertise

Batteries are a critical yet commonly overlooked part of product design. RELiON’s engineers are the industry’s best and brightest in battery design, and their project development and manufacturing expertise keeps us ahead of our competition. Plus, our dedicated testing and R&D facility gives them the tools they need to perform at the highest level.


Essential Collaboration

Our engineers have a reputation for building strong relationships with customers and partners. By working directly with you to understand your needs, they’re able to do their best work. And whether it takes days, weeks or months, they’ll roll up their sleeves and become part of your team to understand the challenges then design the perfect solution.

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